Drug Review Package of Chinese New Chemical or Biologic Drug

Belows are the drug review package of Chinese new chemical or biologic drug:
  1. Benaglutide (贝那鲁肽, HYBR-014, GLP-1) was developed by Benemae Pharma (filing for STAR), approved in 2016/12/19, click here.
  2. Anlotinib (安罗替尼, AL3818, VEGFR/FGFR/PDGFR) was developed by Chia Tai Tianqing Pharma (HK: 01177), approved in 2018/5/9, click here.
  3. Mecapegfilgrastim (硫培非格司亭, 19K, G-CSF) was developed by Hengrui Medicine (SH: 600276), approved in 2018/5/18, click here.
  4. Fruquintinib (呋喹替尼, HMPL-013, VEGFR) was developed by Hutchison MediPharma (NASDAQ: HCM), approved in 2018/9/5, click here.
  5. Toripalimab (特瑞普利单抗, JS001, PD-1) was developed by Junshi Biosciences (HK: 01877/filing for STAR), approved in 2018/12/17, click here.
  6. Sintilimab (信迪利单抗, IBI308, PD-1) was developed by Innovent Biologics (HK: 01801), approved in 2018/12/27, click here.
  7. Camrelizumab (卡瑞利珠单抗, SHR1210, PD-1) was developed by Hengrui Medicine (SH: 600276), approved in 2019/5/5, click here.
  8. Loxenatide (洛塞那肽, PEX168, GLP-1) was developed by Hansoh Pharma (HK: 03692), approved in 2019/5/9, click here.
  9. Flumatinib (氟马替尼, HS-10096, BCR-ABL), was developed by Hisun Pharma (SH: 600267), approved in 2019/11/25, click here.
  10. Ramimazolam (瑞马唑仑, GABAa) was developed by Hengrui Medicine (SH: 600276), approved in 2019/11/27, click here.
  11. Chidamide (西达本胺, HBI-8000, HDAC) was developed by Chipscreen Biosciences (STAR: 688321), approved in 2019/11/29, click here.

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